Thursday, September 8, 2011

Change of Plans

The family friend had to cancel on our trip because of work, but the result is good news for me. Daddy is taking us instead. That means I get to enjoy a nice car ride with Daddy and stay a bit longer. Mommy just has to decide if we should leave this weekend or next weekend.

Great-Grandma could really use some some Spooky kisses, so I'll be happy to supply them for the next month. We're also planning on going to Oregon, Washington, and Arizon in the near future.

Here is a new video of me. Mommy was watching a show about puppy training and TV started making squeaky toy sounds. I ran over and stared at the TV before deciding it must have been the sneaky giraffe trying to trick me! She kept rewinding and got it on camera, so here it is.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lots of Excitement!

With Halloween around the corner, there are a lot of cute Halloween toys coming out. Today, we are all going to Petsmart and Petco to check them out. Mommy says I need some tough chew toys for out in the backyard. My stuffies get too dirty out there, but maybe having a few heavier duty toys out there might be able to distract me from digging...just maybe.

Mommy, her friend, and I were supposed to spend a weekend in Oregon in mid-September, but it looks like we will be spending a few weeks in Southern California instead. Mommy has been wanting to visit everyone back in Southern California where her and Daddy lived up until June. She's been putting it off until I get older, but there is a lot of stuff going on with Mommy's family and she wants to be there with them.

She will be driving down with a family friend soon, and she says I can go with her. We will be staying with my great grandma who lives alone without any pets. She loves dogs and she'll spoil me to death. It will be a nice getaway for Mommy and me. We will be able to hang out and learn together without any distractions or other influences. Plus, I'll have a huge yard to play in!

While there, I'm going to meet my Mommy's human and canine family members. I'll get a lot of good socialization opportunities. Since we will be there a while, maybe I can go to some puppy classes or socials. I might have to get my third vaccine while there at Mommy's usual vet, but that's okay.

The biggest reason Mommy wanted a baby was so she could have a travel and adventure buddy since she is self-employed and Daddy works full time. It looks like I'll get to fill that role sooner than we thought!
Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Fun

Yesterday, I got a bath before the vet visit today because my paws were all sticky and gray and my fur was full of dirt and stickers. I did not like it so much. I kept trying to climb into Mommy's shirt pocket. When I got out and she finished brushing me, I curled up in the sofa and Mommy says it looked like the sofa was eating me.

Then, today was my vet appointment. I had to get a shot. I weigh 7.6 pounds now, plus I had my harness and leash on. Then, the vet held me and gave me my shot. Daddy and Mommy were worried I was going to cry and they were going to feel bad, but I didn't squirm or cry at all. I'm such a good boy. I better get a lot of treats for this.
Friday, August 26, 2011

More Trouble

Since when is eating tissues out of the trash a bad thing? I'm just taking out the trash for Mommy...and decorating the back yard for Mommy. I also made the mistake of sleeping in one morning, now Mommy was hoping for that every day, but that just isn't going to happen.

Mommy is trying to teach me to stay out of Grandma and Grandpa's room so I don't eat Dinky and Minnie's food. I understand that and all, but I can't promise I won't test her every step of the way. She says I'm being very vocal, too. I don't like being separated in any way from anyone else. I'll whine and bark if I want to. This is payback in advance for the shot I'm getting tomorrow.
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

It is a pretty day and I just want to play in the yard, so Mommy brought along her camera and took new pictures to show everyone. The sprinklers are on right now, and I'm afraid of them, so I had time to put them up.


This morning I ran outside and decided to dig and roll around in the rocks by the hill. The problem is that I dug down into some of the pieces of brick down under the normal rock. Now, I'm pink!

Mommy is trying to brush me and wipe all the brick dust off my fur, but of course she had to take a picture first while I was sleeping. She thinks this is cute and funny. I think I have enough problems with people calling me a "she" without being pink.

Monday, August 22, 2011

What Are the Chances?

This weekend, there was a neighborhood dog on the loose. He was very friendly and ran right up to my front door. I heard people yelling "Bear," so I think that is his name. He looked a lot like me. Mommy thinks he is a mini Eskie just like me, except he has some biscuit coloring. Grandpa took him home and he got back out again the next day. Maybe someday I can play with him. After all, what are the chances of an all grown up version of me on the same street?

I had a play date at the end of the week. Mommy took me to her friend's house. I met Leeloo and Ivy. Leeloo is a big mixed breed dog, and she is so nice and well behaved. Ivy is a tiny Chihuahua. I pushed her face like I do with Dinky and Minnie, but she didn't like that much. I guess she just didn't want to play with me. Ivy did teach me to use the stairs around the house. Instead of slowly crawling up and down, I can just. If tiny Ivy can do it, I knew I could.

Yesterday, Mommy took me in the front yard on my leash and harness. Grandma says I'm a natural. I don't pull or flop down and refuse to move. I'm learning quickly.

I'm learning more and more that I can't always get what I want. For some reason, Mommy doesn't like me digging in her office trash can, walking out the garage door, or crying to play with Dinky and Minnie in the morning. I'm sure I will figure it all out.
Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Reunion

Yesterday was a great day. We went to a family reunion. I was wearing my harness and leash so I would stay away from the pool. There were all sorts of different people there, even a little girl who played with me. Everyone gave me so much attention and thought I was so cute. I was on my very best behavior, so I got to take off my harness and leash and walk around on my own. I stayed away from the pool because I stopped where the shade ended. I played very nice and everyone said what a smart and well behaved puppy I am. I even walked over to the right place to go to the bathroom. I did it all by myself without even being told where to go!

Today, I've been laying under my cabinet again. Mommy separated me from Dinky and Minnie to feed me, so I cried and wouldn't eat because I want their food. When she let me out, the other food was gone. Maybe next time, I should eat my own food and stop worrying about theirs.
Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Favorite Spot

My new favorite place in the house is under the curio cabinet! It's nice and cool and just my size. Mommy walked back into the room and couldn't find me, so she panicked. Then I poked my head out! Now whenever she doesn't see me, she knows just where I am.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Settling Down

Things are finally calming down around here and I'm staying out of trouble. Everyone has stopped treating me like I'm made of glass, so I get to play freely with Dinky and Minnie and explore the whole backyard without Mommy worrying. I'm not going to let anything sting me and get away with it, and eating leaves never hurt anyone. With more time outside, I've stopped having accidents inside.

Daddy was playing video games, so I squeezed between him
and the sofa to keep him company.

I'm excited because I have special liver treats for training and more sweet potato chews being delivered today. I also get to go with Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma to a family reunion tomorrow. I love being the center of attention, so I'm going to really enjoy being the fuzzy life of the party. Mommy wants to keep me on my leash and harness so I don't smother anyone in cuteness who doesn't want it. Plus, there is pool and Mommy definitely doesn't want me in there unless its monitored and on purpose. We're only going for about an hour, so I will try my best to endure my leash and harness that long!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I really don't understand why I keep getting in trouble. I'm doing so many nice things for Mommy and Daddy, but they don't get it. For example, there was a pipe hiding under the ground, so I dug it up for them and got in trouble. Then, I opened a big package of paper for them and got in trouble. Mommy and Grandpa have been trying desperately to get rid of the yellowjackets in the yard, so I tried to chase them away but Mommy scooped me up and got stung. I wanted to make it up to her, so I tried to eat up all the weeds, spiderwebs, bugs, dirt, roots, leaves, rocks, and other debris in the yard. Mommy brought me inside and told me not to do that. Then, I had to go pee really bad, but Mommy didn't want me to go outside because she thought I just wanted to go out to eat stuff and chase yellowjackets again. I had an accident, and no one was too happy about that. I didn't get yelled at, but I could tell they were upset. I felt bad and decided I wanted to show I could be a big boy and not get into any more trouble, so I ran into Grandma and Grandpa's room to eat Dinky and Minnie's adult food. Mommy got mad and said I'm supposed to eat my baby food, but I was just trying to be like Dinky and Minnie so maybe I wouldn't get into trouble.

Mommy decided I needed to keep busy, so she stuffed my Kong with my food, some treats, and peanut butter! Then, Dinky and Minnie shared all their toys with me. That way I got to try out some new toys, I got to play with Dinky and Minnie, I got to feel like a big boy, and I stayed out of trouble.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I asked Mommy to make a video of me so I could show everyone how well I sit, even when Aunt Dinky is getting in my way.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My First Collar

Today we went to Petsmart to get my first collar. We got puppy shampoo that smells like candy, a cute collar, a matching leash, and a black harness. I rode around in the cart and sat like a good boy. I didn't jump or bark at any other dogs or people. People even came over to pet me. They all kept calling me a girl and a Pomeranian. I hope I don't look like a girl Pomeranian. One lady even thought I was a Husky. It was nice though because I got to be the first Eskie they've met and convert them all into Eskie fans. Either way, I got a lot of love and attention!
Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Productive Day

Today we woke up and went to the vet. I didn't mind it, but then again, I didn't need any shots. I get my second round in three weeks. The vet was really nice and gave me treats and medicine to keep heartworms away.

I've been having some trouble adjusting my tummy to my new home. Mommy researched and found out plain yogurt can help with that. It just so happened she had one last cup of fancy probiotic, live culture, organic, low fat, plain yogurt. She fed me a little with my food and medicine tablet. I feel much better and my tummy is happy. Maybe she will put some more yogurt in my Kong!

My puppy Kong and me

Vet Tomorrow

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see the vet. My Mommy was happy it was the weekend so she could sleep in while Daddy helped out, but then he scheduled my appointment for "ASAP." Apparently the vet had an opening the very next day at 8AM! I get the feeling I'm going to dislike this as much as Mommy. I'm getting my puppy wellness exam and don't need more shots yet, so that's good.

I had another accident tonight. No one saw it happen because I was running around so much. Daddy was supposed to be watching better, but he doesn't know how sneaking I can be and he's still learning the ropes. I'm still doing pretty good in my opinion.

Mommy has been trying to keep me out of my food dish. Well, she says it's Aunt Dinky and Minnie's food and I need to eat my own puppy food, but I think I'm a big boy and can eat whatever I like. Unfortunately, sneaking some of their food upset my tummy. Maybe Mommy knows best.
Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh No! My First Accident!

Today I had my first accident, except it wasn't much of an accident. I felt bad and cried, but it really wasn't my fault. There are some yellowjackets out in the yard that Grandpa is trying to take care of. He got rid of one hive, but they started building another. I kept pawing to go outside so I could try and make friend with the yellowjackets, but Mommy didn't like that. When I actually had to go outside to go potty, she didn't believe me and said she didn't want me to get hurt and I could go out after the yellowjackets were handled. I couldn't hold it, so I walked over and peed on Aunt Dinky's bed and the tile floor. Mommy scooped me up and took me outside. I stopped and finished outside. She didn't get mad and knew it wasn't my fault, but I was still sorry. Now I know how the boy who cried wolf must have felt, but Mommy cleaned up Aunt Dinky's bed and no one will be any the wiser.
Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Crazy Day

I let Mommy sleep in today. We got up at 5AM and 7AM, but then we took a nap together. Mommy let me play with my aunts a lot. I took a lot of long naps to day because playing with Aunt Dinky and Aunt Minnie was really exhausting. At first they wouldn't leave me alone, but then we played and they calmed down. They we very nice to me all day until Grandma and Grandpa came home. Then they got crazy all over again. Sooner or later they'll probably stop picking on me.

Mommy set up a special surprise for Grandma. She called me to come under her desk when Grandma came home. When she walked in and asked where I was, thinking I was taking a nap in my crate, Mommy said she should call my name. When she said, "Spooky?" I ran out from under the desk and made her smile. She says she will remember that forever.

I got in a fight with the baby gate today. I was chewing on it after Mommy told me not to. I did anyway and knocked it down on myself. I got scared, yelped, and ran away. I ran back to bite it for being so mean to me! I think it learned its lesson.
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Video of Mommy and Me Playing

My First Day

A couple of days ago, my mommy's human took me away from my mommy...and on my 8 week birthday! I had to sleep all alone. I thought maybe I was bad, but Mommy's human said I have to get used to sleeping without Mommy because I'd be leaving in two days. I thought, "If I have to sleep alone all the time, I'm not so sure I'm going to like this."

Sure enough, two days later I was in my crate in the car with Mommy's human. We drove for hours and hours, but I didn't complain or make a fuss. I was so good that I didn't even make a mess! We got out of the car in a strange place and I played in the grass.

A while later, another car pulled up and a lady got out and ran toward me. I backed away at first, but when she held her hand out so I could sniff it, I started covering her in kisses. A man with sunglasses and a beard got out of the car, too. He picked me up and I kissed his beard until he giggled and handed me back to the lady. Before I knew it, I was in their car driving for another whole hour.

I snuggled the lady the whole ride and didn't fuss at all. I'm a good puppy! She kept kissing me and getting happy tears in her eyes. She said she'd been waiting for me for a long time. The man kept looking over, chuckling, and petting my head.

Here I am sleeping in the car!

My cleverness and cuteness helped me figure out that the lady and man are my new mommy and daddy. I like them a lot and follow them everywhere. I met my new uncle and grandparents, too. I whimper when my uncle walks away from me, but he's a sucker for my cuteness. My aunties are crazy. They're doggies like me. They get too excited to see me and Mommy gets worried, so I don't spend very much time with them yet.

I have a whole box of toys just for me. I even have a squeaky carrot! It's my favorite. I carry it around everywhere and play fetch with it.

I really love my sweet potato chew, too. It's nommy!

Me and my sweet potato chew!

I only use the grass bathroom and Mommy gives me lots of love for it. She says, "Good Spooky!" They me treats when they say, "Sit," and I put my butt on the ground. I get in my crate all by myself and don't cry, so I get to sleep with my carrot and my Puppy Kong. I let Mommy and Daddy sleep so they have more energy for cuddles and playtime in the morning. I'm only 8 weeks old and I'm already training Mommy and Daddy really well!

Today was my first full day in my new home. I haven't explored everything yet, but I'm sure I will. I got treats, food, and a few naps with Mommy. She takes lots of pictures of me and stayed with me all day. Sometimes she sneaks away to get some work done while I nap, but I get her attention when I wake up and we play some more. When Daddy got home, we took a nap together, too. Then he played fetch with me and gave me dinner. I like it here and I love Mommy and Daddy. I think I could get used to this.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Puppy List

It's officially Monday morning, August 1st. Tuesday, August 2nd, we get to bring Spooky home! Mikey and I are leaving after he gets off work to pick up our new furbaby. We're meeting up at a park about an hour away around 6PM. Dinky and Minnie, the Frenchies, are being taken to bed early so he can warm up to his new home without being bothered by his aunts. We're so excited and can hardly wait!

After a lot of research, we picked up the things we've read and been told we'll need. For the benefit of others as well as for our own future reference, here is our tentative new puppy shopping list:
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Pictures

Here are some baby pictures of Spooky to tide us over while we eagerly await his arrival. The first three are of him at 3 weeks and the last one was taken at 6 weeks.

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