Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lots of Excitement!

With Halloween around the corner, there are a lot of cute Halloween toys coming out. Today, we are all going to Petsmart and Petco to check them out. Mommy says I need some tough chew toys for out in the backyard. My stuffies get too dirty out there, but maybe having a few heavier duty toys out there might be able to distract me from digging...just maybe.

Mommy, her friend, and I were supposed to spend a weekend in Oregon in mid-September, but it looks like we will be spending a few weeks in Southern California instead. Mommy has been wanting to visit everyone back in Southern California where her and Daddy lived up until June. She's been putting it off until I get older, but there is a lot of stuff going on with Mommy's family and she wants to be there with them.

She will be driving down with a family friend soon, and she says I can go with her. We will be staying with my great grandma who lives alone without any pets. She loves dogs and she'll spoil me to death. It will be a nice getaway for Mommy and me. We will be able to hang out and learn together without any distractions or other influences. Plus, I'll have a huge yard to play in!

While there, I'm going to meet my Mommy's human and canine family members. I'll get a lot of good socialization opportunities. Since we will be there a while, maybe I can go to some puppy classes or socials. I might have to get my third vaccine while there at Mommy's usual vet, but that's okay.

The biggest reason Mommy wanted a baby was so she could have a travel and adventure buddy since she is self-employed and Daddy works full time. It looks like I'll get to fill that role sooner than we thought!


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