Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I really don't understand why I keep getting in trouble. I'm doing so many nice things for Mommy and Daddy, but they don't get it. For example, there was a pipe hiding under the ground, so I dug it up for them and got in trouble. Then, I opened a big package of paper for them and got in trouble. Mommy and Grandpa have been trying desperately to get rid of the yellowjackets in the yard, so I tried to chase them away but Mommy scooped me up and got stung. I wanted to make it up to her, so I tried to eat up all the weeds, spiderwebs, bugs, dirt, roots, leaves, rocks, and other debris in the yard. Mommy brought me inside and told me not to do that. Then, I had to go pee really bad, but Mommy didn't want me to go outside because she thought I just wanted to go out to eat stuff and chase yellowjackets again. I had an accident, and no one was too happy about that. I didn't get yelled at, but I could tell they were upset. I felt bad and decided I wanted to show I could be a big boy and not get into any more trouble, so I ran into Grandma and Grandpa's room to eat Dinky and Minnie's adult food. Mommy got mad and said I'm supposed to eat my baby food, but I was just trying to be like Dinky and Minnie so maybe I wouldn't get into trouble.

Mommy decided I needed to keep busy, so she stuffed my Kong with my food, some treats, and peanut butter! Then, Dinky and Minnie shared all their toys with me. That way I got to try out some new toys, I got to play with Dinky and Minnie, I got to feel like a big boy, and I stayed out of trouble.


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