Friday, August 12, 2011

Settling Down

Things are finally calming down around here and I'm staying out of trouble. Everyone has stopped treating me like I'm made of glass, so I get to play freely with Dinky and Minnie and explore the whole backyard without Mommy worrying. I'm not going to let anything sting me and get away with it, and eating leaves never hurt anyone. With more time outside, I've stopped having accidents inside.

Daddy was playing video games, so I squeezed between him
and the sofa to keep him company.

I'm excited because I have special liver treats for training and more sweet potato chews being delivered today. I also get to go with Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma to a family reunion tomorrow. I love being the center of attention, so I'm going to really enjoy being the fuzzy life of the party. Mommy wants to keep me on my leash and harness so I don't smother anyone in cuteness who doesn't want it. Plus, there is pool and Mommy definitely doesn't want me in there unless its monitored and on purpose. We're only going for about an hour, so I will try my best to endure my leash and harness that long!


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