Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My First Day

A couple of days ago, my mommy's human took me away from my mommy...and on my 8 week birthday! I had to sleep all alone. I thought maybe I was bad, but Mommy's human said I have to get used to sleeping without Mommy because I'd be leaving in two days. I thought, "If I have to sleep alone all the time, I'm not so sure I'm going to like this."

Sure enough, two days later I was in my crate in the car with Mommy's human. We drove for hours and hours, but I didn't complain or make a fuss. I was so good that I didn't even make a mess! We got out of the car in a strange place and I played in the grass.

A while later, another car pulled up and a lady got out and ran toward me. I backed away at first, but when she held her hand out so I could sniff it, I started covering her in kisses. A man with sunglasses and a beard got out of the car, too. He picked me up and I kissed his beard until he giggled and handed me back to the lady. Before I knew it, I was in their car driving for another whole hour.

I snuggled the lady the whole ride and didn't fuss at all. I'm a good puppy! She kept kissing me and getting happy tears in her eyes. She said she'd been waiting for me for a long time. The man kept looking over, chuckling, and petting my head.

Here I am sleeping in the car!

My cleverness and cuteness helped me figure out that the lady and man are my new mommy and daddy. I like them a lot and follow them everywhere. I met my new uncle and grandparents, too. I whimper when my uncle walks away from me, but he's a sucker for my cuteness. My aunties are crazy. They're doggies like me. They get too excited to see me and Mommy gets worried, so I don't spend very much time with them yet.

I have a whole box of toys just for me. I even have a squeaky carrot! It's my favorite. I carry it around everywhere and play fetch with it.

I really love my sweet potato chew, too. It's nommy!

Me and my sweet potato chew!

I only use the grass bathroom and Mommy gives me lots of love for it. She says, "Good Spooky!" They me treats when they say, "Sit," and I put my butt on the ground. I get in my crate all by myself and don't cry, so I get to sleep with my carrot and my Puppy Kong. I let Mommy and Daddy sleep so they have more energy for cuddles and playtime in the morning. I'm only 8 weeks old and I'm already training Mommy and Daddy really well!

Today was my first full day in my new home. I haven't explored everything yet, but I'm sure I will. I got treats, food, and a few naps with Mommy. She takes lots of pictures of me and stayed with me all day. Sometimes she sneaks away to get some work done while I nap, but I get her attention when I wake up and we play some more. When Daddy got home, we took a nap together, too. Then he played fetch with me and gave me dinner. I like it here and I love Mommy and Daddy. I think I could get used to this.


Casper D Dog said...

Hi Spooky! You are so cute!!!! Welcome to the world of blogging. We are happy that you are settling in with your new Momma. I love sweet potato treats, too.

Spooky said...

Thanks Casper! I just had to make her order more treats. Mine magically disappeared. She says I finished it, but I said it disappeared so I need more ;)

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