Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Crazy Day

I let Mommy sleep in today. We got up at 5AM and 7AM, but then we took a nap together. Mommy let me play with my aunts a lot. I took a lot of long naps to day because playing with Aunt Dinky and Aunt Minnie was really exhausting. At first they wouldn't leave me alone, but then we played and they calmed down. They we very nice to me all day until Grandma and Grandpa came home. Then they got crazy all over again. Sooner or later they'll probably stop picking on me.

Mommy set up a special surprise for Grandma. She called me to come under her desk when Grandma came home. When she walked in and asked where I was, thinking I was taking a nap in my crate, Mommy said she should call my name. When she said, "Spooky?" I ran out from under the desk and made her smile. She says she will remember that forever.

I got in a fight with the baby gate today. I was chewing on it after Mommy told me not to. I did anyway and knocked it down on myself. I got scared, yelped, and ran away. I ran back to bite it for being so mean to me! I think it learned its lesson.


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